Taking the Amtrak train to Lake Placid, NY

13 Nov 2017 0 Comments

Amtrak actually does go all the way up to Lake Placid, NY! It’s notably one of the most amazing and beautiful train rides in the country. It goes all the way up the Hudson River and then through Albany and Saratoga. You can catch it every day at 8:15am at Penn Station, NYC and arrive
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Happy Halloween!

30 Oct 2017 0 Comments

It’s finally time for a Happy Halloween! Who doesn’t love the spooky night that jumpstarts the holiday season? Whether you’re staying in to give out treats or planning some tricks for your costume party, you’re bound to have a fun time. What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions? I love dressing up and eating lots
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23 Oct 2017 0 Comments

Voted one of the best vacation rentals! Thank you Credit Donkey for recognizing our brand, GO-Cottage! Please read the article here. Credit Donkey mentions GO-Cottage’s beautiful surroundings: snow-capped mountains, hiking trails, and stunning lakes. Our location is perfect for exploring Lake Placid’s outdoor activities since we’re in Adirondack Park’s high peaks district. There are also
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When Leaves Are Falling All Around… Fall Is Here!

09 Oct 2017 0 Comments

It’s time I was on my way. “Ramble On,” Led Zeppelin’s amazing hit song always comes to my mind when fall arrives. All the leaves turn amazing colors, frost is in the air, and colors of brown, yellow, red, orange and green surround us. Halloween is fast approaching. It’s a time for thoughtfulness and contemplating
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It’s all about the Beer!

27 Sep 2017 0 Comments

Autumn brings with it a lot of fun traditions and festivities. One of our favorite autumn activities? Oktoberfest! It’s all about the beer. The annual Whiteface Mountain Oktoberfest is Saturday, September 30th and Sunday, October 1st. The festival celebrates Bavarian culture all weekend long. In addition to plenty of food and drink, Oktoberfest features tons
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How to Create a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom Environment

19 Sep 2017 0 Comments

How to Create a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom Environment For many homeowners, decorating the bedroom is a matter of aesthetics, with bedding carefully chosen to match the furnishings. While this is certainly important, what some neglect to pay enough attention to is the level of comfort of the bedroom, along with its capacity to help provide the
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Don’t you just love a wooden shed?

18 Sep 2017 0 Comments

Don’t you just love a wooden shed? I do! This is a pet project we’ve been wanting to do for YEARS! So we are finally building one. And let me tell you something – building a shed is almost as time consuming as building a house! But the good news is that you don’t need
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Farm to Table

05 Sep 2017 0 Comments

We are BIG fans and followers of the “farm to table” movement. The movement has been called the “new internet” in terms of impact since fresh food is becoming more and more difficult to buy. Just think about this: You know the bag of salad you buy at the store each week for $5? It took about
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Let’s build a Flagstone Patio Sphere!

21 Aug 2017 0 Comments

For years we wanted to build a flagstone patio for our Adirondack chairs and fire pit area. The earth and dirt in Lake Placid is mainly sand, and the yard has a little trouble growing grass in certain areas. So this spring we decided it was time to build the patio! First, you have to find
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Summertime is for paddling!

07 Aug 2017 0 Comments

Summer is the perfect time for paddling around the waters of the Adirondacks! Our favorite spot to kayak is Lake Placid itself. It’s a massive lake (8 kilometers!) and is regulated by the river. It also has the most amazing forests and cliffs! Gorgeous! It took us about 6 hours to kayak the entire perimeter. If
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