How to Create a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom Environment

How to Create a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom Environment

19 Sep 2017 0 Comments

How to Create a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom Environment For many homeowners, decorating the bedroom is a matter of aesthetics, with bedding carefully chosen to match the furnishings. While this is certainly important, what some neglect to pay enough attention to is the level of comfort of the bedroom, along with its capacity to help provide the
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Robin Bird’s Nest

12 Jun 2017 0 Comments

This spring we found a beautiful robin’s bird nest just under the eaves of the two-Bedroom cottage. The nest was perched on top of the electric box! At first I thought, oh no – should we remove it?! But then we looked and saw four blue eggs. So after that there was NO way we were going to move
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Listen to your dog, they know more than you do!

30 May 2017 0 Comments

We recently got a puppy! Her name is Lulu and she is our first dog as adults. I found her one day on Waggy Tail Rescue, a New York City based animal rescue charity run by a wonderful, sweet women named Holly DeRito. I have known Holly for many years and looked at her website every so
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Clean Energy for Extreme Weather

06 Mar 2017 0 Comments

All around the world there have been massive storms and upside down temperatures. We’ve been getting our own extreme weather in Lake Placid too. During the month of February it was 60 degrees and dropped to 15 degrees in the same day! This created a serious wind and ice storm that left Lake Placid looking like a bomb went
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Black Flies: Lake Placid’s Own Vampires

13 Jun 2016 0 Comments

In my humble opinion, black flies are the worst blood-sucking vampires on the face of the earth! They come out at the end of spring every year and descend upon Lake Placid like locusts. Thankfully they only last for 2 to 4 weeks. Since they love damp areas and incubate in swamps and forests, they make Lake
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This is an Inari Fox

06 Aug 2015 0 Comments

This is an Inari Fox. Check out the detailing on this amazing animal. I want one now! 




3 hours with Tony Robbins

02 Dec 2006 0 Comments

I was fortunate enough to spend 3 hours of my day last week with Tony Robbins. Probably the most amazing motivational speaker of all time.  Tony had 15,000 people up on their feet all screaming and hugging each other. We were all total strangers but by the time he was finished it is was as if
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25 Oct 2006 0 Comments

i want to share this book that i am reading called, “ageless” by suzanne somers it’s a MUST, MUST READ! i can’t stress how important it is that you read this book. weather you believe suzanne or not it will educate you on so many different levels. it’s truly inspiring, amazing and a quite frightening! i
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