Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

24 Nov 2014 0 Comments

Who’s excited for their Thanksgiving feast?       Our Turkey Day tradition includes the classics plus a lot of wine and pumpkin pie. First thing’s first: I always get a 20-pound organic turkey. You want a big turkey so you can have leftovers and Turkey soup. Then there’s the homemade stuffing that only takes
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Two Bedroom Renovation

17 Nov 2014 0 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I love waking up to an airy bedroom surrounded by light.  It makes me feel relaxed, comfortable and happy!  When we purchased the two bedroom cottage, the bedrooms were not inviting for long naps or lazy mornings. In fact they were downright scary!   The walls were covered in dark
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Studio Roof Renovation

30 Oct 2014 0 Comments

As part of the renovation for our Studio cottage exterior, we had to remove an awkward awning that hung over the door and left us with a misshapen roof. But that wasn’t the last of our problems: we also had to deal with a massive old cable dish and a rusted out cupola that was home to ten dead bats. Yuck!
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Studio Exterior Renovation

15 Oct 2014 0 Comments

Renovating the outside of the studio cottage was a labor of love that took place over several years. In fact, we entirely renovated the inside before putting the finishing touches on the outside. When we first bought the property, both cottages were in very bad shape. But the studio cottage was in extremely bad shape! With broken
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Studio Cathedral Ceiling Renovation

30 Sep 2014 0 Comments

Creating a cathedral ceiling in the studio cottage was a fun and rewarding experience. When we first bought the studio cottage, it had an ugly drop ceiling that was moldy, smelled horrible, and—worst of all—was filled with dead bats!   After we removed the drop ceiling and cleaned the entire area of debris, a spacious open ceiling
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Studio Living Space Renovation

15 Sep 2014 0 Comments

As the potential centerpiece of the studio cottage, the living space required a total hauling-over.   Just as with the kitchen and bathroom in the studio, we first stripped the entire area down to its bare structure. If you’ve ever done a total gut job, you know how hard it can be. If you haven’t ever
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